Special Pallet Racking Applications

At A-Z Storage Systems we also have access to specialised racking for specific racking applications to utilise space and supply a system to take into consideration other design parameters. Below are just some of the solutions we can use. For warehouses where stock is always changing in height and 100% accessibility to individual pallets is needed, a wide aisle APR system is ideal.
Wide Aisle Systems use either counterbalance or reach type forklift trucks and allows trucks to pass one another.
Where other parameters are required we have the systems below to optimise your warehouse.

Double Deep Racking

You do not want to extend your building but need to fit in more pallets. Then Double Deep Racking may be the answer for you. The system reduces the number of aisles needed giving better use of space.

However this system requires specialist handling equipment, restricts access to individual pallets in the system and slows pallets movements down.

Narrow Aisle Racking (VNA)

You need best utilization of height and floor area whilst retaining flexibility in picking individual pallets and adjusting beam levels to suit different height pallets. Then Narrow Aisle Racking (VNA) would provide the solution for you as it retains the flexibility of a wide aisle system but increases the pallet capacity of the system.

The drawback of this system is the expense of the handling equipment both the forklift truck itself and the additional guidance system required to use the truck.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking

If you have a lot of identical pallets of the same product to store but are unable to block stack because of safety issues or damage to product. Then Drive-In racking is ideal for your although slow in throughpu offers high density safe storage. This application is great for cold or chill store environments. It also has the advantage of not requiring specialised handling equipment.

Pallet Live Racking

If you need automatic stock rotation with the optimum use of space. Then using Pallet Live Racking provides FIFO (First IN First Out) stock rotation whilst using the space to its fullest.
However you do require good quality pallets in order to have optimum efficiency.

Push Back Racking

If you need a block type stacking system with a large number of product lines with optimum throughput speeds. Then Push Back Racking will cater for these needs. It offers a higher occupancy rate than any other high density system whilst enabling fast access to pallets.

If you do not see the application you are looking for or need to talk in more detail you particular storage problem then please contact us.

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