Pallet Racking & Accessories 

Adjustable pallet racking (APR) is the most common method of storing pallets whether in wide aisle or derivative racking applications. SP80 pallet racking has been designed to meet the highest UK and European standards and gives the ideal solution to your pallet storing problems.

We have a variety of pallet racking systems that will provide the perfect storage solution for your business. We take full consideration that each business needs to find a storage solution which makes the most of the available space.

We will evaluate the type of goods you store, the amount of floor space available for the racking installation, the speed of throughput and the type of equipment you use before recommending the best solution.


Steel Frame Protector

Where a system has high number pallet movements, we recommend that all exposed pallet racking uprights are fitted with frame protectors,to protect the frame from accidental forklift truck damage. 

Plastic Frame Protector
Row Spacers

Row spacers are available from 200mm-600mm in length. They are designed to maintain the gap between double entry runs and add to the structural stability of the system.
If you pallets are low quality then we use pallet support bars to assist the safe storage of these pallets. 

Corner Frame Protector

Where as system has low number pallet movements then the use of corner protectors on exposed corner frames where the forklift truck changes direction.                                                          

Rack End Protectors

Our rack-endprotectors are supplied as a complete kit for use with single- and double-entry racks. Kits can be supplied with a choice of column guard styles to match other guards in the installation.

Decking Material 

Chipboard Decking
ClosedTimber Decking
WireMesh Decking
Open Timber Decking

Specialised Storage Accessories

Skin Channels
Fork Spacer Bars

If you do not see the application you are looking for or need to talk in more detail you particular storage problem then please contact us.

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